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  1. Research

    Evaluating malaria case management at public health facilities in two provinces in Angola

    Malaria accounts for the largest portion of healthcare demand in Angola. A pillar of malaria control in Angola is the appropriate management of malaria illness, including testing of suspect cases with rapid di...

    Mateusz M. Plucinski, Manzambi Ferreira, Carolina Miguel Ferreira, Jordan Burns, Patrick Gaparayi, Lubaki João, Olinda da Costa, Parambir Gill, Claudete Samutondo, Joltim Quivinja, Eliane Mbounga, Gabriel Ponce de León, Eric S. Halsey, Pedro Rafael Dimbu and Filomeno Fortes

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:186

    Published on: 3 May 2017

  2. Research

    ICAM-1 is a key receptor mediating cytoadherence and pathology in the Plasmodium chabaudi malaria model

    Parasite cytoadherence within the microvasculature of tissues and organs of infected individuals is implicated in the pathogenesis of several malaria syndromes. Multiple host receptors may mediate sequestratio...

    Deirdre A. Cunningham, Jing-wen Lin, Thibaut Brugat, William Jarra, Irene Tumwine, Garikai Kushinga, Jai Ramesar, Blandine Franke-Fayard and Jean Langhorne

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:185

    Published on: 3 May 2017

  3. review

    Seasonal vaccination against malaria: a potential use for an imperfect malaria vaccine

    In many parts of the African Sahel and sub-Sahel, where malaria remains a major cause of mortality and morbidity, transmission of the infection is highly seasonal. Seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC), which...

    Brian Greenwood, Alassane Dicko, Issaka Sagara, Issaka Zongo, Halidou Tinto, Matthew Cairns, Irene Kuepfer, Paul Milligan, Jean-Bosco Ouedraogo, Ogobara Doumbo and Daniel Chandramohan

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:182

    Published on: 2 May 2017

  4. Research

    Comparison of the capacity between public and private health facilities to manage under-five children with febrile illnesses in Uganda

    Public health facilities are usually the first to receive interventions compared to private facilities, yet majority of health seeking care is first done with the latter. This study compared the capacity to ma...

    Esther Buregyeya, Elizeus Rutebemberwa, Phillip LaRussa, Sham Lal, Sîan E. Clarke, Kristian S. Hansen, Pascal Magnussen and Anthony K. Mbonye

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:183

    Published on: 2 May 2017

  5. Research

    Continuous determination of blood glucose in children admitted with malaria in a rural hospital in Mozambique

    Hypoglycaemia is a frequent complication among admitted children, particularly in malaria-endemic areas. This study aimed to estimate the occurrence of hypoglycaemia not only upon admission but throughout the ...

    Lola Madrid, Antonio Sitoe, Rosauro Varo, Tacilta Nhampossa, Miguel Lanaspa, Abel Nhama, Sozinho Acácio, Isolina Riaño, Aina Casellas and Quique Bassat

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:184

    Published on: 2 May 2017

  6. Research

    Private sector opportunities and threats to achieving malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong Subregion: results from malaria outlet surveys in Cambodia, the Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Thailand

    The aim of this paper is to review multi-country evidence of private sector adherence to national regulations, guidelines, and quality-assurance standards for malaria case management and to document current co...

    Sochea Phok, Saysana Phanalasy, Si Thu Thein and Asawin Likhitsup

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:180

    Published on: 2 May 2017

  7. Research

    Malaria epidemiology in an area of stable transmission in tribal population of Jharkhand, India

    Malaria remains an important health problem in India with approximately 1 million cases in 2014. Of these, 7% occurred in the Jharkhand state mainly in the tribal population.

    Manoj K. Das, Brijesh K. Prajapati, Régis W. Tiendrebeogo, Kumud Ranjan, Bright Adu, Amit Srivastava, Harvinder K. Khera, Narendra Chauhan, Sanjay Tevatiya, Ikhlaq H. Kana, Surya Kant Sharma, Subhash Singh and Michael Theisen

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:181

    Published on: 2 May 2017

  8. Research

    Increase in the prevalence of mutations associated with sulfadoxine–pyrimethamine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum isolates collected from early to late pregnancy in Nanoro, Burkina Faso

    Pregnant women are a high-risk group for Plasmodium falciparum infections, which may result in maternal anaemia and low birth weight newborns, among other adverse birth outcomes. Intermittent preventive treatment...

    Esmée Ruizendaal, Marc C. Tahita, Ronald B. Geskus, Inge Versteeg, Susana Scott, Umberto d’Alessandro, Palpouguini Lompo, Karim Derra, Maminata Traore-Coulibaly, Menno D. de Jong, Henk D. F. H. Schallig, Halidou Tinto and Petra F. Mens

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:179

    Published on: 28 April 2017

  9. Research

    Asymptomatic Plasmodium vivax infections induce robust IgG responses to multiple blood-stage proteins in a low-transmission region of western Thailand

    Thailand is aiming to eliminate malaria by the year 2024. Plasmodium vivax has now become the dominant species causing malaria within the country, and a high proportion of infections are asymptomatic. A better un...

    Rhea J. Longley, Camila T. França, Michael T. White, Chalermpon Kumpitak, Patiwat Sa-angchai, Jakub Gruszczyk, Jessica B. Hostetler, Anjali Yadava, Christopher L. King, Rick M. Fairhurst, Julian C. Rayner, Wai-Hong Tham, Wang Nguitragool, Jetsumon Sattabongkot and Ivo Mueller

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:178

    Published on: 28 April 2017

  10. Case study

    No impact of strongylid infections on the detection of Plasmodium spp. in faeces of western lowland gorillas and eastern chimpanzees

    Although a high genetic diversity of Plasmodium spp. circulating in great apes has been revealed recently due to non-invasive methods enabling detection in faecal samples, little is known about the actual mechani...

    Mwanahamisi I. Mapua, Barbora Pafčo, Jade Burgunder, Ilona Profousová-Pšenková, Angelique Todd, Chie Hashimoto, Moneeb A. Qablan, David Modrý and Klára J. Petrželková

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:175

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  11. Research

    Recognition of Plasmodium falciparum mature gametocyte-infected erythrocytes by antibodies of semi-immune adults and malaria-exposed children from Gabon

    Transmission of malaria from man to mosquito depends on the presence of gametocytes, the sexual stage of Plasmodium parasites in the infected host. Naturally acquired antibodies against gametocytes exist and may ...

    Tamirat Gebru, Anthony Ajua, Michael Theisen, Meral Esen, Ulysse Ateba Ngoa, Saadou Issifou, Ayola A. Adegnika, Peter G. Kremsner, Benjamin Mordmüller and Jana Held

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:176

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  12. Research

    The malaria testing and treatment landscape in Benin

    Since 2004, artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) has been the first-line treatment for uncomplicated malaria in Benin. In 2016, a medicine outlet survey was implemented to investigate the availability, ...

    Cyprien Zinsou and Adjibabi Bello Cherifath

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:174

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  13. Research

    Effect of anti-malarial interventions on trends of malaria cases, hospital admissions and deaths, 2005–2015, Ghana

    Since 2005, the Government of Ghana and its partners, in concerted efforts to control malaria, scaled up the use of artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) and insecticide-treated nets (ITNs). Beginning in...

    Maru Aregawi, Keziah L. Malm, Mohammed Wahjib, Osae Kofi, Naa-Korkor Allotey, Peprah Nana Yaw, Wilmot Abba-Baffoe, Sylvester Segbaya, Felicia Owusu-Antwi, Abderahmane T. Kharchi, Ryan O. Williams, Mark Saalfeld, Nibretie Workneh, Estifanos Biru Shargie, Abdisalan M. Noor and Constance Bart-Plange

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:177

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  14. Research

    What happened to anti-malarial markets after the Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria pilot? Trends in ACT availability, price and market share from five African countries under continuation of the private sector co-payment mechanism

    The private sector supplies anti-malarial treatment for large proportions of patients in sub-Saharan Africa. Following the large-scale piloting of the Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria (AMFm) from 2010 to ...

    Sarah Tougher, Kara Hanson and Catherine Goodman

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:173

    Published on: 25 April 2017

  15. Commentary

    Ivermectin and malaria control

    As the world begins to realize the very real prospect of eliminating malaria as a public health problem globally, the scientific community is acutely aware that novel and innovative new tools will be required ...

    Satoshi Ōmura and Andy Crump

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:172

    Published on: 24 April 2017

  16. Research

    Prevalence of Plasmodium falciparum and non-P. falciparum infections in a highland district in Ghana, and the influence of HIV and sickle cell disease

    In the past two decades, there has been a reported decline in malaria in Ghana and the rest of the world; yet it remains the number one cause of mortality and morbidity. Human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) and...

    Ewurama D. A. Owusu, Charles A. Brown, Martin P. Grobusch and Petra Mens

    Malaria Journal 2017 16:167

    Published on: 24 April 2017

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