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Table 1 Characteristics, initial treatment outcome, and relapse pattern of patients infected with Plasmodium vivax and treated with azithromycin, 1.2 g once a day, for 7 days

From: Triangular test applied to the clinical trial of azithromycin against relapses in Plasmodium vivax infections

Patients characteristics Initial treatment Relapse
Sex Age (years) Previous malaria Area of acquisition Parasite clearancea (hours) Fever clearanceb (hours) Outcome End point (days)
5 F 26 No India 186 89 Relapsed 43
2 F 22 Yes India 65 51 Relapsed 45
4 M 32 No Comoros 161 42 Relapsed 108
1 M 32 Yes Comoros 96 24 Censored 396
3 F 18 Yes Comoros 161 17 Censored 407
  1. a The parasite clearance time is the time taken for the parasite count to fall below detectable levels in a peripheral blood smear. b The fever clearance time is the time taken for the body temperature to fall below 38°C and to remain below this value for >48 h.