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Figure 1

From: Chloroquine resistant vivax malaria in a pregnant woman on the western border of Thailand

Figure 1

Plasmodium vivax infections in a Karen woman observed over 227 days pregnancy and postpartum period. The P. vivax genotypes (indicated by bars of different colours) are based on polymorphisms in 4 genes (Pvcs, Pvmsp1, Pvmsp3-α, and Pvmdr1). The treatments administered are indicated on top. PCR spots are indicated with black (negative) and grey (positive) dots. The intrinsic sensitivity profile of P. vivax isolate to a range of standard antimalarials (chloroquine (QC), artesunate (AS), piperaquine (PPQ), mefloquine (MQ) and amodiaquine (AMQ)) is shown for the parasites collected on D31. The in vivo serum concentrations of CQ + desethylchloroquine (DECQ) are indicated for the samples collected on D31, D71 and D143.

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