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Table 3 Costs and probabilities components for the calculation of.

From: Cost risk benefit analysis to support chemoprophylaxis policy for travellers to malaria endemic countries

Cost/Prob. Value Source
C c the cost of chemoprophylaxis £138.00# [14]
C ae cost of adverse events £164.29+ [14, 15, 17]
C m cost of acquiring malaria £18,872.00* [15, 16]
C t cost of dying of malaria £312,000 [17]
C nc cost of avoiding chemoprophylaxis 0 --
P d probability of using chemoprophylaxis 0.5 [20]
P ae probability of adverse effect 0.4 [21]
P t probabilityof dying from malaria 0.0004 [22]
e efficacy of prophylaxis 0.9 [23]
  1. Costs are expressed in Sterling Pounds
  2. #sum of the costs as in table 2, +cost of mild reaction, *cost of serious malaria (see appendix 4 for details).