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Table 1 Target product profile of developed ASAQ formulation

From: The initial pharmaceutical development of an artesunate/amodiaquine oral formulation for the treatment of malaria: a public-private partnership

Attribute Target product characteristics
Population targeted pediatric and adult
Posology based on [7]
ASAQ low strength 25/67.5 mg (equivalent AQ base) for children
ASAQ high strength 100/270 mg (equivalent AQ base) for older children and adults
Drug release rapid disintegration and fast drug release (> 75% in 45 minutes in vitro dissolution test, Pharmacopoeia standards)
Drug form compatible with pediatric use: minimal size for facilitating swallowing; a fixed dose combination
Stability/Conditioning compatible with climatic zone IV (tropical conditions): ICH Q1A(R2)
Cost < 1$