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Table 1 Reported false positivity in CSP-ELISA assays

From: False positive circumsporozoite protein ELISA: a challenge for the estimation of the entomological inoculation rate of malaria and for vector incrimination

Country (Reference) Specimen origin Number of ELISA positive specimens/Number of specimens tested Number of specimens confirmed by PCR
Blood specimens tested*
Thailand [15] Cow blood 12/16 0
  Pig blood 3/12 0
Senegal [13] Cow blood 21/56 0
Mosquito head-thorax specimens tested
Gabon [37] An. gambiae s.s.   
  An. moucheti 28/1535 18
  An. funestus   
South-Africa [12] An. demeilloni 44/unkown 3
  An. marshalli 6/unknown 1
  An. rivulorum 4/unknown 2
South-Africa [14] An. parensis 20/149 0
Cameroon [36] An. gambiae s.s.   
  An. funestus 298/2773 263
  An. nili   
  1. * ELISA was performed on cow and/or pig blood because false positivity was suspected in Anopheles species that were suspected to have fed on cows or pigs.