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Table 4 CSP-ELISA positive mosquitoes as reported in Trung et al [28] confirmed by Plasmodium spp. PCR

From: False positive circumsporozoite protein ELISA: a challenge for the estimation of the entomological inoculation rate of malaria and for vector incrimination

Village Species Number of mosquitoes positive by Plasmodium specific PCR/number of CSP-ELISA positive mosquitoes tested by PCR
   P. falciparum P. vivax
Lang Nhot (Khanh Hoa) An. minimus 3/3 1/1
  An. dirus 1/1 0
Village 3 (Binh Thuan) An. dirus 2/3 * 0
Cha Ong Chan (Rattanakiry) An. minimus 1/1 0
  An. dirus 1/1 a 0/1 a
  1. * The PCR negative sample gave a very weak signal when tested by mosquito specific ITS2 PCR, meaning that the DNA was not optimal anymore. This sample cannot be considered as CSP-ELISA false positive.
  2. a P. falciparum and P. vivax were detected by ELISA in the same mosquito. Sequencing of the PCR product only revealed P. falciparum.