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Table 2 Results of LAMP compared to microscopy and nested PCR for detecting P. knowlesi

From: Specific, sensitive and rapid detection of human plasmodium knowlesi infection by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) in blood samples

Microscopy/nested PCR result LAMP result Microscopy/nested PCR total
  P. knowlesi Negative  
Microscopy result    
P. knowlesi or P. malariae 12 1a 13
P. knowlesi or P. falciparum 1c 1b 2
Non-knowlesi 0 39 39
Negative 0 20 20
Nested PCR result    
P. knowlesi 12 0 12
Non-knowlesi 0 41 41
Negative 1c 20 21
LAMP total 13 61 74
  1. a Sample positive for P. malariae by nested PCR
  2. b Sample positive for P. falciparum by nested PCR
  3. c Sample positive for either P. knowlesi or P. falciparum by microscopy, with parasitaemia less than 0.01%