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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of preferences in mosquito-control technologies used as indicators of latent classes (n = 271; 54.2% female)

From: Investigating preferences for mosquito-control technologies in Mozambique with latent class analysis

Would this make you avoid using one malaria control product over another? Yes, n (%)
Mosquitoes still bite me. 108 (39.9)
It is too expensive. 94 (34.7)
It makes it hotter when I'm sleeping. 88 (32.5)
It smells worse. 83 (30.6)
It cannot be washed. 68 (25.1)
Mosquitoes still make noise. 67 (24.7)
It causes other illnesses or makes other health conditions worse. 45 (16.6)
It gets dirty easily. 37 (13.7)