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Table 3 Definition of basic reproductive number (R0)

From: Mathematical models of malaria - a review

Basic Reproductive Number (R 0 ) The basic reproductive number, R 0 , is the average number of successful offspring that a parasite is capable of producing [12, 61]. For the compartmental models of malaria this is defined as the number of secondary cases of malaria arising from a single case in an otherwise uninfected population [40], and can be thought of as a measure of the intensity of transmission. The estimation of basic reproductive number (R 0 ), from both models and data has been discussed by several researchers over the years [12, 5961, 125]. Malaria can spread in a population only if R 0 > 1 (epidemic), but when it is maintained in a population without the need for external inputs R 0 = 1 (endemic). A disease free population is possible when R 0 < 1. These threshold conditions of R 0 may not hold for stochastic models. In that case the disease may go extinct even for R 0 > 1, depending on the magnitude of stochastic fluctuations around the endemic equilibrium state [12].