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Figure 7

From: Wide cross-reactivity between Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles funestus SG6 salivary proteins supports exploitation of gSG6 as a marker of human exposure to major malaria vectors in tropical Africa

Figure 7

Cladogram of relationships within the genus Anopheles with main malaria vectors. The different subgenera constituting the genus Anopheles with number of species (in parentheses) are shown. A seventh subgenus, named Baimaia and represented by only one species [27] has been omitted. The three subgenera including the most relevant malaria vectors are in bold. Subgenus Cellia includes six Series but only the four relevant for malariology and including most of the species are shown. Primary malaria vectors belonging to the different Series/subgenus are shown on the right with color codes indicating their main geographic distribution. In bold are species for which partial or complete information on SG6 protein is available. Branch length do not indicate phylogenetic distance. Redrawn with permission from Besansky NJ et al.

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