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Table 1 Comparison of SG6 proteins in selected malaria vectors

From: Wide cross-reactivity between Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles funestus SG6 salivary proteins supports exploitation of gSG6 as a marker of human exposure to major malaria vectors in tropical Africa

  A. arabiensis A. funestus A. stephensi A. freeborni
A. gambiae 99% (86/87) 80% (70/87) 80% (70/87) 61% (53/87)
A. arabiensis   82% (71/87) 82% (71/87) 62% (54/87)
A. funestus    84% (73/87) 61% (53/87)
A. stephensi     62% (54/87)
  1. Percentage of identical amino acid residues among SG6 proteins from Anopheles gambiae, A. arabiensis, A. funestus, A. stephensi and A. freeborni is reported. The number of identical/total amino acid residues is shown in parentheses.