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Figure 1

From: Combining indoor residual spraying and insecticide-treated nets for malaria control in Africa: a review of possible outcomes and an outline of suggestions for the future

Figure 1

a diagrammatic representation of various effects of ITNs and IRS on mosquitoes that enter or attempt to enter houses. Insecticides used on nets or for IRS effect mosquitoes at different levels along the path towards the individual human inside the sprayed hut. Mosquitoes can be deterred and diverted before they enter houses, killed by the IRS or ITNs, or they can be irritated so that they exit the huts earlier than normal. Exit may occur before or after the mosquitoes have fed, but both the fed and the unfed mosquitoes may die later after they have left the huts due to sub-lethal effects of the ITN or IRS insecticides. The net and the IRS may also inhibit mosquitoes' ability to successfully take blood meals from the hut dwellers.

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