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Table 5 Direct cost (test and treatment cost) and comprehensive cost (including estimate of life value) of the presumptive versus the test based strategy at the current "real life" adherence levels to both strategies: test and treatment cost subsidized (see text)

From: Strict adherence to malaria rapid test results might lead to a neglect of other dangerous diseases: a cost benefit analysis from Burkina Faso

Variables Children, dry season Children, rainy season Adults, dry season Adults, rainy season
Direct cost, presumptive strategy 264 257 608 608
Direct cost, test-based strategy 256 255 609 610
Comprehensive cost, presumptive strategy 979 596 1330 1164
Comprehensive cost, test-based strategy 1157 760 1279 1125
Threshold life value* 23 7 14 25
  1. Costs expressed in € (euro) for 1000 patients managed with either strategy, assuming a life value of 525 € (better option in bold)
  2. * Life value at which the two strategies become equivalent at sensitivity analysis