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Table 3 Supply of Medicines

From: Feasibility and acceptability of ACT for the community case management of malaria in urban settings in five African sites

Kumasi Bolgatanga Jimma Lilongwe Ouagadougou
ACTs (AS/AQ) procured by the MOH ACTs (AS/AQ) supplied by UNICEF Jimma town health bureau procured ACTs (AL) from Oromiya Regional Health Bureau ACTs (AL) supplied by MOH ACTs supplied by WHO to MEG.
4334 units of ACTs (AL) then made available for sale and return to 21 public/private drug seller and CMDs
All CMDs were given two week supplies Weekly supervision for each CMD to supply and collect cases seen weekly Stocks kept at Jimma Health Centre The study team was responsible for maintaining stocks at the community at regular supervision meetings Stocks were kept at CNRFP and CMDs were given supplies when needed
ACTs sold at GH¢0.50 (US$0.455)* for preschool children and GH¢0.20 (US$0.182)* for infants ACTS sold at GH¢0.15 (US$0.137)* Treatment was free Treatment was free ACTs sold at 100 F CFA (US$0.23)** for children: 6 months-3 years and 150 F CFA (US$0.34)** for children: 3-5 years
Medicines not used after two weeks were withdrawn as a quality control measure Stock-out only for paracetamol ACTs after expiry date not used, and withdrawn as quality control measure Drug stocks were replenished on a monthly basis Drug stocks were replenished on a monthly basis
  1. *(GH¢1 = USD0.91 (2007)) ** (FCFA 1 = USD0.0023)