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Table 2 Molecular definition of drug-resistance according to participant countries

From: Host candidate gene polymorphisms and clearance of drug-resistant Plasmodium falciparum parasites

Country Definition of genotypic resistance to:
Chloroquine SP Other
Burkina Faso Pfcrt76 T Dhfr51 I/59 R/108 N  
Cameroon (Yaoundé) n/a Dhfr51 I/59 R/108 N + Dhps437 G AQ: Pfcrt76 T + Pfmdr1-86 Y
Kenya Pfcrt76 T Dhfr108 N + one or more of Dhfr51 I, Dhfr59 R, Dhps436 A, Dhps540 E  
Mali Pfcrt76 T Dhfr51 I/59 R/108 N  
Sudan Pfcrt76 T + Pfmdr1-86 Y Dhfr51 I/108 N + Dhps437 G/540 E  
  1. Mutations in Pfcrt and Pfmdr1 were considered for resistance to chloroquine, and in dhfr and dhps for resistance to SP. SP = sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine AQ = amodiaquine. n/a = not applicable.