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Table 1 Summary of Results

From: Rapid whole genome optical mapping of Plasmodium falciparum

Genome Total Length (Mb) Geographic Area Variations to Referencea Maximum Single Variationb
3D7 Reference 23.264 West Africa N/A N/A
3D7 Optical Map 23.165 West Africa 4 46.0Kb
D6 21.958 East Africa 5 43.6Kb
FVO 22.158 Southeast Asia 4 41.4Kb
C235 21.734 Southeast Asia 5 77.5Kb
  1. The total megabases (Mb) of each genome predicted from alignment against the in silico optical map (or reference), the geographic area each strain was isolated from, the number of variations from each map to the reference genome and the largest (in Kb) observed difference. Variation under 2Kb and telomeric DNA were not included.
  2. arepresents independent differences observed against the reference genome using default assembly parameters. Results can vary by settings.
  3. bthe maximum number of kilobases for a single genomic event outlined in the study as compared to the in silico reference genome.