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Figure 4

From: A malaria transmission-directed model of mosquito life cycle and ecology

Figure 4

Calculation of outcomes for each mosquito every time step in the presence of combined interventions. Each choice has a defined probability, and the conditional probabilities can be summed for each overall possible outcome as described in the Appendix. Bed nets can kill or not, and vector feeding time can be adjusted to change the proportion of bites during the period protected by nets. Indoor feeding and resting can be split by adding in an additional decision fork after indoor and outdoor feeds. After a successful indoor feed, a mosquito must make it to an oviposition site alive to lay eggs and survive. Closed loop egg-laying allows interference by interventions to eventually limit population sizes. Individual resolution of the human population ensures that only those infectious mosquitoes that successfully pass through a gauntlet to get to a human successfully can transmit infection.

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