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Figure 6

From: A malaria transmission-directed model of mosquito life cycle and ecology

Figure 6

Effects of increasing coverage with perfect IRS. Effects of increasing coverage with perfect IRS (p kill, IRSpostfeed = 1) on a) Adult population c) Sporozoite rate e) EIR. Effects on sporozoite rate and EIR are much more dramatic than on the adult population because of the restructuring of the age distribution of the mosquito population. For most coverage levels, larval habitat remains the limiting factor in the rate of emerging mosquitoes, and number of young, unfed mosquitoes remains similar as IRS coverage increases up to a point. However, the increased feeding mortality results in a decreased life expectancy for mosquitoes, a moderate reduction in total population, but a strong reduction in mosquitoes older than 10 days. b, d, f) Repeated for IRS with (p kill, IRSpostfeed = 0.6). The effects on sporozoite rate and EIR are not as dramatic due to improved mosquito survival. The larval habitat multiplier is set to 3.0 for these simulations.

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