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Table 2 Accuracy of peripheral blood RDTs in detecting malaria in pregnancy among 432 febrile women attending antenatal care at Mbale regional referral hospital between March and November 2010

From: Placental Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection: Operational accuracy of HRP2 rapid diagnostic tests in a malaria endemic setting

Accuracy Parameter¶ Peripheral RDTs for symptomatic pregnant women(95% CI)
Sensitivity 96.8(92.3-98.8)
Specificity: 73.5(67.8-78.6)
Positive predictive value 68.0(61.4-73.9)
Negative predictive value 97.5(94.0-99.0)
Likelihood ratio  
Positive LHR[W] 2.13(1.72-2.62)
Negative LHR [w] 0.03(0.01-0.06)
  1. Test sensitivity = conditional probability that the test will be positive if the condition is present
  2. Test specificity = conditional probability that the test will be negative if the condition is absent
  3. W = weighted for prevalence