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Figure 2

From: Identification, characterization and antigenicity of the Plasmodium vivax rhoptry neck protein 1 (Pv RON1)

Figure 2

In silico characterization, alignment of a RON1 protein-fragment in different malarial species and pvron1 gene transcription. (A) pvron1 gene scheme, showing the signal peptide, GPI-anchor sequence, TR and sushi domain localizations. Cysteine residues are represented by lines. Peptides used for rabbit immunization are shown, as well as rPv RON1-a and rPv RON1-c fragments expressed as recombinants. (B) Alignment of a RON1 protein-fragment from P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. chabaudi and P. knowlesi species. This figure shows the region consisting of amino acids 120 to 210, which includes a repeat sequence which is exclusive for P. vivax species. Asterisks indicate identical amino acids. A dot refers to weakly similar amino acids and two dots indicate strongly similar amino acids. (C) pvron1 gene amplification by PCR. Line 1 shows the molecular weight marker. Lines 2 and 3 correspond to amplification of genomic and complementary DNA.

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