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Table 3 Median price ratio of anti-malarials in public, private, and NGO sectors

From: Access to artesunate-amodiaquine, quinine and other anti-malarials: policy and markets in Burundi

  Public sector Private sector NGO sector
ASAQ a 1.0 3.5 1.0
Quinine Refb 2.1 2.0
   Quinine injection Refb 1.5 1.3
   Quinine tablets Refb 1.1 1.1
Non-policy anti-malarials a 55.6 53.4 -
  1. ACT, artemisinin combination therapies
  2. a Median price ratio calculated based on government subsidized price of AS-AQ (US$ 0.16)
  3. b Median price ratios were calculated using the public sector price as reference for quinine since there is no government subsidized price: US$ 0.59 for quinine, US$ 0.24 for quinine injection, US$ 1.53 for quinine tablets.