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Figure 3

From: Exposure of the Plasmodium falciparum clonally variant STEVOR proteins on the merozoite surface

Figure 3

Colocalization of STEVORs with MSP-1 at the free merozoite membranes. Fluorescence staining using anti-PFL2610w and anti-MSP-1 antibodies was analysed in free merozoites. (A) Bright field, (B) Alexa 488 stained STEVORs, (C) Alexa 594 stained MSP-1, (D) DAPI stained parasite nuclei, (E) the overlay of STEVORs and MSP-1 (overlay 1) and (F) the overlay of STEVORs, MSP-1 and nuclei (overlay 2) images are shown.

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