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Figure 3

From: Development of a new version of the Liverpool Malaria Model. II. Calibration and validation for West Africa

Figure 3

Observed and simulated annual entomological inoculation rates. Validation of LMM2010 simulations in terms of the annual entomological inoculation rate (EIR a ) in the area of the 34 synoptic stations in West Africa used in this study. The simulated 34 annual EIR a values between 1973 and 2006 are illustrated as grey box-and-whisker plots (the numeric values of maxima beyond the scale of the ordinate are plotted on the upper abscissa). Field observations of EIR a (green lines and box plots) are either displayed as a vertical line (two available measurements), a vertical line with the median (three or four values), or as a box-and-whisker plot (≥ five data points). Each observation is furthermore inserted as a red circle and the number of observations is given above the entered observations (red digits). The skill score in terms of EIRa (SC(EIR a )), a measure of the performance of the simulations with regard to observed data, is denoted for every station as a blue digit. Stations are grouped as in Figure 2.

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