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Table 1 LMM parameters and mathematical formulations

From: Development of a new version of the Liverpool Malaria Model. II. Calibration and validation for West Africa

sym parameter val2004 val2010
D gH humid degree days of the gonotrophic cycle 37.1 degree days 37.1 degree days
D gL dry degree days of the gonotrophic cycle 65.4 degree days 65.4 degree days
T gH humid gonotrophic temperature threshold 7.7°C 7.7°C
T gL dry gonotrophic temperature threshold 4.5°C 4.5°C
R - 10-day accumulated precipitation threshold 10 mm 10 mm
R rainfall laying multiplier 1.0 NU
#E p number of produced eggs per female mosquito NU 120 eggs
#E o number of oviposited eggs per female mosquito NU Eq. Two in [10]
U 1 lower threshold of unsuitable rainfall conditions (fuzzy distribution model) NU 0 mm
S most suitable rainfall condition (fuzzy distribution model) NU 10 mm
U 2 upper threshold of unsuitable rainfall conditions (fuzzy distribution model) NU 500 mm
CAP cap on the number of fertile mosquitoes 10,000 mosquitoes 400 mosquitoes
MMA mosquito mature age 15 days 12 days
ηdR rainfall independent immature daily mosquito survival probability NU 82.5%
η d daily immature mosquito survival probability (in %) Eq. Three in [10] Eq. Four in [10]
p d daily mosquito survival probability (in %) Martens I (see [10]) Martens II (see [10])
p d dry season mosquito survival probability shift NU -10%
D s degree-days of the sporogonic cycle 111 degree days 111 degree days
T s sporogonic temperature threshold 18°C 16°C
a human blood index 50% 80%
b mosquito-to-human transmission efficiency 50% 30%
c a→c adult-child conversion rate NU 0.5
HIA human infectious age 14 days 20 days
r daily human recovery rate 0.0284 day 1 0.0050 day-1
GF fraction of gametocyte carriers NU 50%
c human-to-mosquito transmission efficiency 50% 20%
tr im trickle of the number of added infectious mosquitoes 1.01 mosquitoes 1.01 mosquitoes
  1. LMM model parameters and mathematical formulations with regard to their original (Hoshen and Morse 2004) and new settings. Columns: sym: symbol of the model parameter; parameter: name of the parameter; unit: unit; val2004: LMM2004 value; val2010: LMM2010 value. Abbreviations: NU: not used. Parameter values in italics refer to calibrated values and those values and mathematical formulations in bold were determined in the first part of this study [10].