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Figure 2

From: Are herders protected by their herds? An experimental analysis of zooprophylaxis against the malaria vector Anopheles arabiensis

Figure 2

Histograms of mean catches for each experiment; A) Experiment 1: Comparison of human landing catch, with or without a ring of cattle, B) Experiment 2: Four-way comparison of catches in a human-baited trap or a cattle-baited trap, with or without a ring of cattle, C) Experiment 3: Comparison of indoor or outdoor human-landing catch, D) Experiment 4: Comparison of indoor human-landing catch with or without a ring of cattle around the hut (Anopheles arabiensis plots on left; Anopheles pharoensis plots on right). Means and standard errors are back-transformed from ln mean (or sqrt mean in the case of Experiment 4) and standard errors are derived from the ANOVA residual mean square.

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