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Figure 1 | Malaria Journal

Figure 1

From: How can natural products serve as a viable source of lead compounds for the development of new/novel anti-malarials?

Figure 1

A: structure of artemisinin; B: salinosporamide A, an antimalarial compound isolated from marine actinomycetes; C: an example of a highly active trioxaquine; D: febrifugine, isofebrifugine, metabolite feb-A and its synthetic analog isofeb-A, the arene oxide metabolite and examples of potent but less hepatotoxic halogenated febrifugine analogs; E: Halofuginone, as well as some highly active febrifugine analogs identified by virtual screening; F: NTID609, an extremely active and highly promising anti-malarial spiroindolone.

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