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Table 1 Quality score for ethnobotanical studies

From: Do ethnobotanical and laboratory data predict clinical safety and efficacy of anti-malarial plants?

Aspect (max score) Criterion Score
Type of study (2) Primary Ethnobotanical study– original study consulted as source of information +2
  OR: Primary ethnobotanical study, quoted in a review, but original data not available +1
Botanical identification (3) Plant collected and verified with informant +1
  Voucher specimen in herbarium +1
  Formal identification by botanist +1
  Name given incorrectly -1
Informant reliability (3) Over 10 informants interviewed +1
  >=2 informants mention use of the remedy for malaria +1
  Informant(s) have experience of treating malaria +1
Researcher reliability (2) Same language as informants (i.e. information obtained directly without interpreter) +1
  Detailed information recorded about remedies +1
TOTAL SCORE (/10)   ___/10 =