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Table 5 Safety score where LD50 has not been assessed

From: Do ethnobotanical and laboratory data predict clinical safety and efficacy of anti-malarial plants?

Safety Score Level of activity
Not evaluated 0 Needs to be tested (priority to be determined according to other criteria)
Reports of human toxicity +2 Widespread and long-term use in humans with no reported toxicity
-1 Reports of toxicity in humans after ingesting other parts of the same plant
-2 Reports of mild toxicity in humans after ingesting the relevant plant part, or a mixture containing this part
ELIMINATE Reports of severe toxicity in humans after ingesting the remedy at a medicinal dose
Cytotoxicity: Activity Ratio (CAR) in vitro (CAR = IC50 for cytotoxicity, divided by IC50 for anti-malarial activity) +10 ≥1000
+5 100 - 1000
+2 50 - 99
+1 10 - 49
0 2 - 10
-5 <2
Toxic chemical constituents +2 Plant chemistry studied in depth, and no known toxic compounds have been found.
-1 Toxic compounds found in a different plant part, or likely to be destroyed or evaporated in preparation of the remedy
-3 Toxic compounds found in the relevant plant part, which are not likely to be destroyed in preparation