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Table 2 In vitro anti-malarial activity of plant extracts identified in a retrospective treatment-outcome study, for plants with aqueous extracts having IC50 <10 μg/ml [12]

From: A “reverse pharmacology” approach for developing an anti-malarial phytomedicine

Plant Plant part Extract IC50 (μg/ml)
Argemone mexicana Aerial parts Methanol 1.00
Argemone mexicana Aerial parts Dichloromethane 1.22
Argemone mexicana Aerial parts Aqueous decoction 5.89
Argemone mexicana Aerial parts Aqueous maceration 6.22
Opilia celtidifolia Bark Aqueous maceration 7.64
Spondias mombin Leaves Aqueous maceration 7.66
Securinega virosa Leaves Aqueous decoction 7.81
Spondias mombin Leaves Aqueous decoction 7.89
Cassia sieberiana Roots Aqueous maceration 7.93
Canthium acutiflorum Leaves Aqueous maceration 8.09
Securinega virosa Roots Aqueous decoction 8.69
Opilia celtidifolia Bark Maceration in warm water then decoction 9.07
Feretia apodanthera Bark Aqueous decoction 9.54
Securinega virosa Roots Aqueous maceration 9.68
Canthium acutiflorum Bark Aqueous decoction 9.73