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Figure 4

From: Changes in the levels of cytokines, chemokines and malaria-specific antibodies in response to Plasmodium falciparum infection in children living in sympatry in Mali

Figure 4

Distribution of malaria-specific IgG subclasses in response to Plasmodium falciparum infection in Fulani and Dogon children. Blood plasma samples from 77 children were analysed for malaria-specific IgG subclasses IgG1 (A), IgG2 (B), IgG3 (C) and IgG4 (D). The children were subdivided in terms of ethnicity and with regards to being infected or not according to slide positivity to malaria; i.e. uninfected Dogon (n = 20), infected Dogon (n = 20), uninfected Fulani (n = 23) and infected Fulani (n = 14). The boxes represent the values between 25% and 75% quartile and the line indicates the median. The whiskers indicate the 10% and 90% percentiles. Statistical analysis was done by Mann-Whitney U test.

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