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Figure 1

From: Improved methods for haemozoin quantification in tissues yield organ-and parasite-specific information in malaria-infected mice

Figure 1

Haemozoin detection by densitometric analysis. Transmitted light images (grey scale) were taken from unstained 7 μm thick cryosections from livers of uninfected mice (A) and from mice infected with Pc AS (B) or Pb NK65 (C), from Pc AS-infected spleens (D), Pb NK65-infected lungs (E) and kidneys (F). In panel G, the relative densitometric value obtained from cryosections of gelatin blocks with different concentrations of sHz were analyzed and the formula used to calculate the relative quantity of Hz/μm2 is shown. In panel H, the relative Hz content was measured in liver sections from uninfected (Con), Pc AS and Pb NK65-infected mice ten days post-infection. Each dot represents the result from an individual mouse. Horizontal bars represent group medians and horizontal lines with asterisks on top indicate statistical comparisons between groups. Asterisks on top of data sets indicate statistical significances compared with the uninfected control group. * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01 and *** p < 0.001

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