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Table 1 The strength of pairwise linkage disequilibrium for the four TLR9 SNPs analysed in the study

From: Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) polymorphism associated with symptomatic malaria: a cohort study

rs352140 rs352139 rs5743836 rs187084
rs352140   0.237 0.032 0.175
rs352139 1.0   0.319 0.277
rs5743836 0.4 0.857   0.014
rs187084 0.535 0.846 0.124  
  1. D1 is the measure for deviation of the observed haplotype frequency from the expected frequency, with D1 =1 showing that the examined loci are completely dependent on one another. r2 is the correlation coefficient between pair of two loci and r2 > 0.4 showing a meaningful association while r2 > 0.2 being suggestive.