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Figure 7

From: Importance of factors determining the effective lifetime of a mass, long-lasting, insecticidal net distribution: a sensitivity analysis

Figure 7

Effective lifetime of a mass LLIN distribution, depending on lifetime definition, and pre-intervention EIR. Entomological inoculation rate (EIR) is defined by infectious bites per adult per annum (ibpapa). Effective lifetime is defined as the length of the period since mass distribution during which the number of prevented all-age uncomplicated and complicated malaria episodes was above a set proportion of the numerical value of the year with maximum impact (minimum number of episodes), as compared to a scenario without any intervention, with proportions set at 0.2 (dashed green line), 0.3 (dashed magenta line), 0.4 (dashed yellow line), 0.5 (solid blue line), 0.6 (dashed grey line), 0.7 (dashed black line), or 0.8 (dashed red line).

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