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Table 1 Interpretation of test results for P. falciparum

From: Evaluation of the rapid diagnostic test CareStart pLDH Malaria (Pf-pLDH/pan-pLDH) for the diagnosis of malaria in a reference setting

  Species identification by microscopy corrected by PCR
P. falciparum (P.vivax, P.ovale, P.malariae) or no parasites detected
Only Pf-pLDH   False positive
or True positive /
both Pf-pLDH and pan-pLDH   species mismatch**
No test line visible False negative  
or / True Negative
only pan-pLDH species mismatch*  
  1. * P. falciparum diagnosed as non-falciparum species.
  2. ** Non-falciparum species diagnosed as P. falciparum or as a mixed infection with P. falciparum.