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Table 2 Passenger flows and transport route data to illustrate connectivity between locations

From: Human movement data for malaria control and elimination strategic planning

Routes and flows Data set description Connectivity Data sources
Flights International and domestic passenger flows Monthly passengers per route National Airport Authorities
    OAG Worldwide Ltd []
   Monthly incoming and outgoing flights in and out of principle international airports  
  International flights scheduled   
Shipping/ trade routes Stations served and transport network Most visited seaports and routes in 2000 []
Bus routes Stations served, transport network and schedules Inter-city routes Public and private bus companies
Roads Road networks Internal and cross-border routes Trans-Africa Roads network
   Within country routes: major roads, road type and quality, annual average traffic  
  Road traffic and characteristics e.g. quality and size   Compiled collection of surveys e.g. []
Railway Stations served, transport network and schedules Cross-border routes Online Rail Service Information []
   Internal commuter routes Railways Corporations
Ferry Ferry schedules e.g. between Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar Zanzibar Ministry of Communication and Transport [ railway bus ferry speed boat schedule taxi fares.htm e.g.]