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Figure 5

From: Immunogenicity when utilizing adenovirus serotype 4 and 5 vaccines expressing circumsporozoite protein in naïve and Adenovirus (Ad5) immune mice

Figure 5

Ad5-CSP/Ad5-CSP and Ad4-CSP/Ad5-CSP both stimulated more percent specific killing than unvaccinated animals. 14 days post vaccination splenocytes from naïve animals were pulsed with either NYDNAGTNL and high concentration of CFSE or non-specific peptide and low concentration of CFSE. Stained splenocytes were combined in equal amounts and roughly 8 million cells were injected into vaccinated animals IV. After 20 hours splenocytes from vaccinated mice were collected and analysed by flow cytometry to assess the amount of NYDNAGTNL specific killing. % Specific killing = 1-((%CFSEhigh/%CFSElow)immunized/(%CFSEhigh/CFSElow)non-immunized. Bars represent ± standard error. Statistical analysis was completed using One Way ANOVA with Student-Newman-Keuls post-hoc test, **denotes significance over naïve, P < 0.01.

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