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Table 1 Decreased mean spot forming cells in Ad5 immune animals

From: Immunogenicity when utilizing adenovirus serotype 4 and 5 vaccines expressing circumsporozoite protein in naïve and Adenovirus (Ad5) immune mice

Vaccination Ad5 naive Ad5 immune
Naive 2.71 2.71
Ad5‒CSP/Ad5‒CSP 791.25 2.80
Ad5‒CSP/Ad4‒CSP 708.00 74.50
Ad4‒CSP/Ad4‒CSP 527.20 79.60
Ad4‒CSP/Ad5‒CSP 1100 57.60
  1. All vaccinations, inclusive of homologous Ad4-CSP prime boost, elicited fewer IFNγ secreting splenocytes in Ad5 immune animals as measured by ELISpot. The table displays the mean numbers of spot forming cells per 500,000 splenocytes from spleens of Ad5 naïve and Ad5 immune mice treated with each prime boost regimen.