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Figure 3

From: Anti-plasmodial and insecticidal activities of the essential oils of aromatic plants growing in the Mediterranean area

Figure 3

Time-course of the adulticidal activity of Satureja thymbra EO. Twenty-five mosquitoes aged three days from the susceptible Dakar strain were used. For each EO, solutions were prepared in acetone at concentrations of 8.3 μg/ml, 16.6 μg/ml, 24.91 μg/ml, 32.22 μg/ml, 41.52 μg/ml, 49.88 μg/ml, 58.13 μg/ml and 66.44 μg/ml. Four replicates were set up for each concentration, using 1 ml of solution/bottle. Deltamethrin 12.5 μg/ml was used for positive control while the negative control was acetone. Mortality was assessed every 15 min. A) before flowering; B) during flowering; C) after flowering.

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