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Table 1 Model structure: niches, exposure and genotype fitnesses within each niche

From: The importance of modelling the spread of insecticide resistance in a heterogeneous environment: the example of adding synergists to bed nets

  Insecticide free Non public ITN ITN + Synergist
Exposure males 1−(α mo + α mi ) α mo α mi (1−β m ) α mi β m
Exposure females 1-(α fo + α fi ) α fo α fi (1-β f ) α fi β f
Fitness SS 1 1−φ o 1−φ i (1−φ i )k
Fitness RS 1−h n z (1−φ o ) + h o s o (1−φ i ) + h i s i [(1−φ i ) + h i s i ]k
Fitness RR 1-z (1−φ o ) + s o (1−φ i ) + s i [(1−φ i ) + s i ]k