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Table 2 Parameters, symbols and subscripts used in the construction of the model

From: The importance of modelling the spread of insecticide resistance in a heterogeneous environment: the example of adding synergists to bed nets

Parameter Symbol
Dominance coefficient in each niche h
Fitness cost of carrying a resistance allele z
Selection coefficient in each niche s
Baseline fitness level of susceptible homozygote in niches were insecticide is deployed φ
Proportion of mosquitoes encountering a particular niche α
Proportion of mosquitoes encountering ITN that also encounter the synergist β
Impact of synergist k
k=0; synergist completely effective: all mosquitoes encountering insecticide plus synergist die  
k=1; synergist completely ineffective: mosquitoes encountering insecticide plus synergist die  
at the same rate as those encountering insecticide alone (the model tracks survival in different niches -Table1, so the impact is on a reverse scale)  
Male m
Female f
Insecticide free n
Deployment of insecticide outside the house o
Deployment of insecticide inside the house i