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Table 3 Summary of activities and time spent by CMD per day

From: The amount and value of work time of community medicine distributors in community case management of malaria among children under five years in the Ejisu-Juaben District of Ghana

Variable Mean 95% CI
Children seen per day 1.8 1.8-1.9
Time spent on seeing children (hrs)/day 0.4 20.9-21.1
No of Health education activities/day 2.5 2.3-2.6
Time spent on IEC (hrs) 0.2 11.4-12.8
Follow-ups/day **2.6 2.4-2.8
Hours on follow-up/child 1.7 1.5-1.8
Total hours spent on CCMm activities/day *4.8 3.9-5.3
  1. * excludes hours spent during night visits by caregivers. Computed from 1936 observations from CMD time tracking sheets, hours could not be validated; ** a child was likely to be followed up more than once.