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Table 3 MIR and associated IC50 fold increase reported in the literature

From: A framework for assessing the risk of resistance for anti-malarials in development

Compound Strain Pressure MIR IC50fold increase Mechanisma Ref.a
Atovaquone W2 10×IC50 1×105 30x n/a [47]
Atovaquone K1 6×/16×IC50 6×108 900x single point mutations in pfcytb [4]
Piperaquine Dd2 2×IC50 8.5×108 100x 63-kb fragment amplification [49]
Chloroquine 106/1 3×IC50 6×108 100x single point mutations in pfcrt [52]
GSK2645947 3D7 10×IC50 <108 100x n/a [51]
  1. an/a:non available.