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Figure 4

From: Apoptosis of the fibrocytes type 1 in the spiral ligament and blood labyrinth barrier disturbance cause hearing impairment in murine cerebral malaria

Figure 4

shows the results for immunohistochemical detection of connexin 26. A positive reaction is red. a) shows an overview of the cochlea duct at the middle turn of mouse CM5. A positive staining for connexion 26 can be detected in the upper part of the spiral ligament, consisting of fibrocytes type 1 (FC1) and the supporting cells of the organ of Corti (SC). (magnification 200×) b) shows a close up of the organ of Corti. The red colour denotes the positive area for connexin 26. (magnification 1,000×) c) is a close up view of the stria vascularis and the spiral ligament in the region of the fibrocytes type 1. The red colour represents the connexin 26 distribution in the upper part of the spiral ligament. (magnification 1,000×).

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