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Table 3 Ranking of the predictors of polypharmacy by their overall discriminatory power

From: Using classification tree modelling to investigate drug prescription practices at health facilities in rural Tanzania

Independent variable Power
Total number of diagnoses per patient on a single visit 100.0
Ownership of health facility (public/private) 36.1
Patient treated with artemether lumefantrine 26.8
Health worker age 26.0
Patient seen by health worker with IMCI training 16.1
No stockouts of artemether lumefantrine in previous 90 days 13.9
Health worker sex 12.1
Patient seen by health worker supervised within previous six months 11.5
Transmission season 4.8
Availability of any scale in the health facility 4.5
Patient seen by health worker with experience on caring patients 3.9
Supplies to administer oral medications 2.4
Type of health facility 1.0
Health workers' cadre 0.4
Any artemether lumefantrine available in health facility today 0.1