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Table 4 Ranking the predictors of co-prescription of artemether-lumefantrine with antibiotics

From: Using classification tree modelling to investigate drug prescription practices at health facilities in rural Tanzania

Independent variable Power
Age group of the patients 100.0
Transmission season 92.6
Mode of diagnosis 90.4
Possession of national malaria guideline 84.5
Possession of job aids 78.7
Patient seen by health worker with IMCI training 77.6
Patient seen by health worker supervised within previous six months 67.0
Patient seen by health worker with experience 40.2
Patient seen health worker who trained on use of new anti-malarial 36.8
Health worker sex 32.3
Possession of national malaria wall chart 26.9
Health worker age 18.9
Health workers' cadre 10.6
Patient seen by health worker with medical training 9.1
Ownership of health facility (public/private) 8.6