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Figure 3

From: Optimization of flow cytometric detection and cell sorting of transgenic Plasmodium parasites using interchangeable optical filters

Figure 3

A, B, C Gating strategy of dot blots of non-fluorescent (P2G12-WT) and transgenic GFP+P. falciparum -infected red blood cells (line 164/GFP) for 95% (A) and 90% (B) purity, and 90% (C) purity for a fixed sample (line 3D7/pMAL13P1.130-GFP). In A-C the upper panel represents the non-fluorescent parasites and the lower panel the corresponding fluorescent parasites. D. Amount of transgenic GFP-expressing P. falciparum gametocytes (line 164/GFP) acquired on a FACSAria cytometer using different filters: 510/20; 512/20, 517/20; 510/21; 514/30; 530/30-A; 530/30B (calculated for 95% purity per 1,000,000 acquired events). Data from three separate experiments were analyzed. 530/30-A and 530/30-B represent two optical filters originally supplied with FACSAria cytometers for the FL1 channel. E. Same as Figure3D, with 90% purity. F. Percent of autofluorescent events admixture acquired on a FACSAria sorter using the above-mentioned filters and the additional filter 529/24. Red blood cells infected with GFP-expressing parasites (line 3D7/pMAL13P1.130-GFP) before or after 0.1% PFA fixation were used. For each filter two values are given, in which the filter name labeled with “F” represents the value for the fixed sample.

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