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Figure 2

From: From intervention to impact: modelling the potential mortality impact achievable by different long-lasting, insecticide-treated net delivery strategies

Figure 2

Mortality impact by age based on a simplified model of individual LLIN ownership with 80% coverage of routine delivery (at birth) or one targeted campaign, average net lifespan of three years and 60% use of LLINs delivered. Age distributions of malaria mortality are for (A) high; (B) medium; and (C) low transmission intensity (see Figure1). Ratio of total deaths averted by routine vs targeted campaign LLIN delivery is shown on each Figure. Total deaths averted per 1,000 children per six months are: high transmission scenario: routine = 8.50, campaign = 3.85; medium transmission scenario: routine = 3.61, campaign = 2.75; low transmission scenario: routine = 0.86, campaign = 0.83. All numbers are adjusted for number of LLINs delivered.

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