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Table 1 List of documents reviewed

From: Parasites and vectors carry no passport: how to fund cross-border and regional efforts to achieve malaria elimination

Type of document Rounds available Type of information
Global Fund documents
Technical Review Panel reports 2-10 Released after review of proposals by the TRP; summary of approved and not approved proposals; recommendations to Board and Secretariat
Frequently Asked Questions 6-9 Released by GF during call for proposals; guidance on developing and submitting a proposal
Fact Sheets 8, 9 Released by GF during a call for proposals; each focuses on a certain approach (e.g., health systems strengthening)
Information Notes: Multi-Country Applicants 9, 10 Released by GF during call for proposals; focuses on specific guidance for multi-country applications
Guidelines for Proposals: Multi- Country Applicant 10 Released by GF during the call proposals; guiding principles to Global Fund applicants with information on each question in the proposal
Proposal template – for all applicants 2-7 Released during the Call for Proposals
Proposal template – for multi-country applicants only 8-10 Released during the Call for Proposals
Aidspan documents
Guide for Multi-Country Applications 10