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Table 3 Summary of malaria knowledge and perceptions of durable lining one month after installation in Mali

From: Multicentre studies of insecticide-treated durable wall lining in Africa and South-East Asia: entomological efficacy and household acceptability during one year of field use

Perceptions of DL Knowledge of Malaria
“This fabric was very helpful because the mosquitoes have fled. The flies also leave us alone.” “Malaria is a terrible disease and we pray hard that is disappears.”
“If this room has the textile, it will help protect those who sleep in this room from malaria.” “…malaria is transmitted by the mosquitoes.”
“This installation is really good and I hope it can be done in other houses.” “…malaria is a disease which is bad for both adults and children.”
“…textile has helped us a lot against mosquitoes and our hope is that they may be widely distributed throughout the village.” “Malaria is a nasty disease that poses a huge problem in the rainy season and we worry especially for malaria in young children. Our hope is that it is eradicated.”
“The textile looks good in the room and protects against other insects, flies, cockroaches, etc.” “Malaria is seasonal and not here for the moment. No infant has contracted malaria since you came.”
“You have done a great job and we will help you. I have sometimes suffered from malaria but now I do not suffer, nor do the children. I am at peace and rid of insects that kept me from sleeping well at night and resting in the afternoon. I am quite happy.” “Malaria is transmitted by the mosquito bite. Oil also transmits the malaria.”
“I have nothing but blessings for you because I am comfortable in the house and even better without mosquitoes.” “…malaria is a disease which causes vomiting.”
“Since the textile arrived I have not seen a case of malaria.” “Malaria is a disease of poverty.”
“The textile truly reduces the density of mosquitoes in my rooms.” “…malaria is a disease which changes the colour of your eyes.”
“The textile is very good because in addition to its insecticidal activity, it makes the room more beautiful.” “Malaria is very bad because it kills.”
“The textile is a nice decoration.” “Malaria is a serious disease and often deadly for children.”
“The textile kills the mosquitoes and makes my room beautiful.” “I do not know of malaria.”
  1. All paired statements are reproduced from translated interviews with adult female house owners in N’Galamadibi, Mali.